When it's down to the gum

Gum Problems?

If constant infections of the gum or in rare cases a hereditary disposition exist, deep periodontal pockets can develop.
They offer a perfect precondition for bacteria and accretion, which lead to a resorption of the periodontium as well as a deterioration of the gum and the jawbone.
Often, such a process can stopped or reversed early on through appropriate measures such as professional dental cleaning or systematic antibiosis if aggressive germs exist (germination test).
If periodontal pockets with a depth of 3,5mm and more have already developed a systematic periodontitis treatment is necessary.

Sequence of the treatment

Prerequisite for a treatment are x-ray scans, detailed records of each tooth and filing for a treatment at the statutory or private health insurance.
The treatment itself includes removing all hard and soft accretions on the teeth’ surface and in the periodontal pockets as well as smoothening the roots afterwards.
Since a local anesthesia is used, the treatment is usually not that stressful.
Important factors for ensuring the therapy’s success are regular check-ups, a good dental hygiene at home “with love” and thoroughness, as well as regular professional teeth cleaning.

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