Mouth guards against teeth grinding

There is no need to grind your teeth

 Grinding, clenching and wearing off the teeth has become a widespread disease nowadays.

A lot of times the daily challenges we have to face and the countenance we have to keep make us tense. This tension and the resulting excessive energy we release unconsciously through our masseter which may develop destructive power.

The results range from defects on the teeth, a damage of the periodontum to a damage of the temporomandibular joint. The latter is also the highest joint in our body and is connected to the spine, the shoulders, hips and knees.

Using a holistic view in our dental office can result in ceasing distresses that have not been associate with dental care.

There is remedy

Mouth guards protect especially the unconscious wearing off of teeth and connected improper stress on them as well as relieve an aching temporomandibular joint.

If massive damages of the tooth substance have occurred and permanent aches and tension of the musculature (CMD) is given, a functional analysis is a prerequisite for a single or even more extensive therapy.
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