• since 1982: dentist and medical dentist specialist for pedodontics 
  • 1987 doctoral with the degree Dr. med.
  • 1992 till 2010: independent health practitioner in a dental clinic in Berlin-Wedding and Charlottenburg
  • since 2011: succesful with her own doctor's office in Berlin-Friedrichshain

Our philosophy

Who we are

What does health mean to you- charisma - quality of life?
Dentistry knows: „Healthy mouth, healthy body!“. The health of your gum and teeth affects the health of your entire body. That is why we are seeing you in a holistic view from a dental-medical perspective.
A radiant smile and a fresh breath imply charisma, sympathy and self-confidence – important trades in todays society. They give you confidence when dealing with other people. We have the compentence and empathy to support you in reaching that confidence.

Your feeling safe and sound is very important to us. We still know our patients personally and respect their personal situation (we offer home visits for patients with impaired mobility or sick patients, organize taxi rides or other modes of transport to and from the doctor’s office and assist in dealing with health insurance).
Treating you nicely and welcoming you warmly as well as the calming design of our doctor’s office with warm colors plus quiet music and a cup of coffee to bridge unexpected waiting times help to make your visit at the dentist nice and pleasant.

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