• since 1982: dentist and medical dentist specializing in pedodontics 
  • 1987: Dr. med.
  • 1992-2010: independent health practitioner in a dental clinic in Berlin-Wedding and Charlottenburg
  • since 2011: owner of a successful dental practice in Berlin-Friedrichshain



  • dental assistant
  • receptionist and assistance in the treatment room
  • "Soul of Business"
  • Connie always takes care of your concerns in a friendly manner



  • trainee in the second year
  • treatment assistant
  • and makes sure you are comfortable

Our philosophy

Who we are

What does health mean to you - charisma; quality of life?
Dental science knows that health begins in the mouth. Your entire bodily health is strongly influenced by the condition of your gums and teeth. That is why we treat you holistically.
A radiant laugh and fresh, clean breath convey charisma, empathy and self-confidence, qualities which promote confidence in dealing with other people and are vital in today's society. We have the skills and empathy to help you achieve that confidence.

It is very important to us that you fells safe and secure in our office. We know our patients personally and take their individual situations into account (we offer home visits for patients with impaired mobility or sick patients, organize taxi rides or other modes of transport to and from the doctor’s office and assist in dealing with health insurance). Our openness and friendliness, our rooms decorated in warm colors, soft music and a cup of coffee to tide over an unexpectedly long wait help to make a visit to the dentist as relaxing as possible.

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